Programa Científico

Programa Científico

Sexta-feira – 17 Novembro / Friday – 17th November

Cerimónia de Abertura / Opening Ceremony

Mesa 1 / Table 1 - Simplicity, the ultimate sophistication

Ana Milheiro
Humberto Machado

Is simple good?

Luís Moutinho

Big problems in anaesthesia, the simple and best solutions

Andrey Varvinskyi

Discussão / Discussion

Simpósio / Symposium – Medtronic


Mesa 2 / Table 2 - KISSing the emergent patient

Daniela Moreira
Diana Leite

Monitoring in emergencies, do it usefully!

Michael Sander

Regional anaesthesia in trauma patients. Where to block?

Kresimir Oremus

Challenging airway. Is KISS our best friend?

Andrey Varvinskyi

Discussão / Discussion

Simpósio / Symposium - Baxter

Almoço / Lunch

Mesa 3 / Table 3 - KISSing some special populations

Ana Panzina
Neusa Lages

Paediatric locoregional anaesthesia made simple

Fatma Saricaoglu

KISS during delivery

Emilia Guasch

Safe anaesthesia for frail patients: does real-world evidence matter?

Finn Radke

Discussão / Discussion

Simpósio / Symposium – Grünenthal


Mesa 4 / Table 4 - Not always simple but always safe

Jacinta Sa
João Viterbo

Fluidotherapy: where do we stand? The less the safest?

Verena Guezel-Ahmadi

Urban anaesthesia miths

Francisco Salgado Seixas

Paediatric challenges outside the operating room

Joana Marques

Discussão / Discussion

Simpósio / Symposium – Masimo

Sábado – 18 Novembro / Saturday – 18th November

Comunicações orais / Oral communications

Mesa 5 / Table 5 - Not that simple afterall

Carolina Ribeiro
André Leite Moreira

TCI in general anaesthesia: friend or foe?

Francisco A Lobo | Emmanuel Boselli

Locoregional complications made simple

Fatma Saricaoglu

Discussão / Discussion


Mesa 6 / Table 6 - KISS across anaesthetic practice

Alexandra Saraiva
Gonçalo Durães

Monitoring the intraoperative EEG: How to keep it simple?

Francisco A. Lobo

The epidemic of fatigue among anaesthesiologists

Nancy Redfern

Anaesthetic drug-induced organ protection: simple strategies

Zélia Moreira

Discussão / Discussion

Simpósio / Symposium – MSD

Almoço / Lunch

Mesa 7 / Table 7 - Anaesthesiology challenges of the XXI century – is simplicity the safest?

Carla Bentes
Humberto Machado

The role of anaesthesiology in the next decades

Joana Berger Estilita

Intersection areas of Anaesthesiology: Risks and opportunities for the future

Olegs Sabelnikovs

Task-shifting in Anaesthesiology - reality or not?

Valentina Almeida

Discussão / Discussion